Ampelous strawberry varieties


Everyone knows that the strawberry season passes very quickly, and you need to have time to enjoy the unique taste of these berries. To extend the fruiting season, the breeders bred a special ampel strawberry, which bears fruit several times during the growing season. Such strawberry belongs to remontantny grades. Even an inexperienced gardener will cope with its cultivation. In addition, the ampelous strawberry has a beautiful appearance. It is generously fruiting, and also tastes great. Next, we consider the varieties of ampelous remontant strawberries, which will certainly make a good impression on you.

Features ampelnoe remontantnoy strawberries

Many are interested in why the ampel strawberry got its name. From German, the word "ampel" is translated as a lamp. The fact is that such strawberries belong to ornamental plants that can be grown in flower pots of various shapes. Often they are hung like lamps.

Amppelnaya strawberry is a relative of large-fruited climbing strawberries. Sweeps such a plant "reluctantly." To mustache twisted bush props, they should be tied. As mentioned above, ampelous strawberry belongs to the remontant form. Due to this, the process of ripening berries is continuous. As soon as the first batch of fruits ripens, new ovaries form immediately in their places. Fruiting lasts throughout the vegetative period.

This also includes many varieties of strawberries for vertical cultivation. They are perfect for landscaping terraces, greenhouses, as well as for the balcony. This is not only a way to decorate the house or apartment in an original way, but also allows you to get a nice bonus as delicious berries.

Attention! Even city dwellers can grow such strawberries on their windowsills or balconies.

The best varieties of ampelous remontantnaya strawberry

As a rule, decorative strawberries are not distinguished by high yield and immunity from diseases. However, breeders brought extraordinary varieties that have excellent taste, and also allow you to collect a good harvest. They stand firmly against the winter frosts, and also do not give in to various bacteria and viruses. These varieties include Homemade delicacy, Queen Elizabeth, Toscana and Kletter Star. Also excellent hybrids were bred, such as Roman, Elan, Balcony stream, Balcony charm and Fresco.

Tuscany or Toscana

This variety is known to the world quite recently, but even in such a short time it not only won the love of many gardeners, but also became the winner of several world competitions. It has a fairly compact bush and high yields, as well as incredibly tasty ruby-colored fruits. Both in width and in height, bushes can grow up to 30 cm. Young shoots often reach a length of about 1 meter. The variety is grown in open beds. Some planted Tuscany in their own balcony or indoors. It looks very beautiful in clay pots and other decorative containers.

Homemade delicacy

Such strawberry belongs to the curling decorative grades. It matures quite early. The fruits are not particularly large, but very tasty, slightly sour. The berries stand out well against the background of the leaves, thanks to its rich red color. Suitable for growing on terraces and window sills. You can plant strawberries in pots or special boxes.

Queen Elizabeth II

It has a powerful strong bush, as well as dense beautiful fruits. The berries are very large and juicy, they can weigh up to 40 grams each. The shape of the fruit is correct, the skin is smooth and shiny, red. Tastes just superb. Fruiting long. During the season, this ampelous large-fruited strawberry can yield 2 or 3 times a crop. Every year and a half the variety should be replanted.

Kletter Star or Cletter Star

Excellent Dutch variety of garden strawberries. It is a compact plant with highly placed flowers. During the ripening of the fruit, the berries fall under their own weight on the ground. Each fruit can weigh up to 60 grams. Berries have bright red color and very juicy dense pulp. There is a pleasant strawberry flavor. Berries are easy to transport, they are rarely damaged during transport. A large number of whiskers can form on a bush, but this does not prevent strawberries from bearing fruit. The variety is drought tolerant, can winter without shelter.

How to plant ampelnoe strawberries

There are several ways to plant ampelous strawberries. Most often, gardeners grow it in different containers, like a climbing plant. Over time, the educated mustaches will begin to fall down nicely, so that the strawberries become not only a tasty berry, but also an excellent ornamental plant.

Attention! Such a plant, planted in a beautiful pots, can be an excellent gift for lovers of gardening.

Capacity for planting strawberry strawberries should not be too deep. It is best to take a pot about 25-35 cm high. There must be holes in it for excess liquid. Strawberries should be planted in pots in the middle of summer. At the beginning of it just lightly sprinkled with soil. In this form, the plant month must be in a dark and cool place. After that, drainage is placed on the bottom of the prepared container, and then it is covered with fertilized soil. Strawberries should not be too deep in the ground. Also, do not over-tamp the soil.

If strawberries are grown indoors, then the pollination process will have to be controlled independently. To do this, you can touch adjacent flowers or touch each flower with a brush.

Attention! Flower stalks that appeared first should be cut off. This is done to make the harvest more generous and of higher quality.

Other landing options

Amppelnaya remontantnuyu strawberries are grown not only in buildings and on balconies, but also in open ground. For example, some plant these plants on the grid. Thus, you can originally decorate your site, as well as get a wonderful harvest of delicious berries.

As a vertical surface is suitable not only the lattice, but also any fence. Strawberries are planted at a distance of about 30 cm. As the whiskers are formed, they must be tied to the surface, trying to completely cover the entire grid. The height of the lattice should be no more than 1 meter.

Still resourceful gardeners planted strawberries in the shape of a pyramid. This bed is more like a beautiful flowerbed, and may pleasantly surprise your loved ones. To do this, you need to build 3 boxes of different sizes. The first, largest box should have a bottom, and 2 smaller boxes should not. The height of the containers may be the same or may differ. Now the boxes are gradually filled with soil and laid out in the form of a pyramid, as shown in the photo. They are planted strawberries at a distance of about 20 cm.

Attention! The number and shape of the levels of the pyramid depends on your desire and imagination.

Care rules

Amppelnaya strawberry is not particularly whimsical to care. In order for the plant to grow well and bear fruit, you must follow these rules:

  • the very first flower stalks should be plucked;
  • cut unnecessary mustache (3-5 pieces can be left);
  • replanting plants is not too late in the fall and not very early in the spring to protect young seedlings from frost;
  • do not abuse fertilizers;
  • for the winter, bushes should be covered with mulch;
  • pots with strawberry need to either bring into the room for the winter, or bury in the ground at the edges of the pot;


Ampelnye varieties of strawberries are gaining great popularity. Every gardener wants to extend the ripening period of these delicious berries. With such beautiful varieties, you can enjoy fresh fruits all summer long. Also, these plants have a great decorative appearance. Many decorate their house or balcony. Some build interesting constructions in the courtyard, which serve as beds for an ampel winding strawberry.


Evgenia Pavlovna, 47 years old, Voronezh. Previously, ordinary strawberry varieties were always grown in the country. The harvest was generous, but fruiting ceased quickly. Several years have passed since we first planted an ampel strawberry. It grows very quickly, it is necessary to distribute to the neighbors, because there is no place to plant. The strawberry is not particularly large, but the fruiting period is long. The berries begin to ripen early, but the grandchildren do not wait anyway and tear them off with pink.

Victor Andreevich, 53 years old, Volgograd. Found on the Internet a description of the variety “Homemade delicacy”, and immediately wanted to plant it on his window sill. Then I somehow missed the details about the remanufacturing of this strawberry, so I was surprised when, next year, new berries appeared on the bushes all season. Very happy with my choice. Now I have not only a beautiful climbing plant, but also delicious berries throughout the summer. On the bush new mustaches are formed very quickly, so there is no problem with reproduction too. Soon they will fill the entire balcony.