Storing potatoes on the balcony in winter


Potatoes are an integral part of the daily diet of many families. Today you can find a lot of recipes that use this vegetable. Moreover, for many, this product becomes essential in winter. Given this, potatoes are purchased and stored throughout the cold period. But what if you live in an apartment building and you do not have a cellar, a shed, and the like? In this case, there is an original solution - storing potatoes on the balcony. This allows the whole winter to have a much-desired vegetable and prepare a variety of dishes. However, it is necessary to create appropriate conditions for storing potatoes on the balcony in winter, especially if your balcony is not heated. In this article we will tell you how many tenants of apartments out of the situation.

Proper storage

To store potatoes in winter, you need to collect it in dry and warm weather. Also a mandatory requirement is to dry all tubers outdoors in the shade. In the process of drying unacceptable exposure to direct sunlight. The next step is to sort the potatoes. If diseased or damaged tubers are found, lay them aside. Such potatoes are used in food in the first place.

Tip! For storage of potatoes in the winter on the balcony is recommended to use only whole, healthy and intact. In this case, it will not be spoiled during its storage.

As for the method of storing potatoes on the balcony, it is necessary to make a kind of chest or container. It can be made with your own hands from a wooden frame and sheathed with a special material. Regardless of the chosen method of storage, good ventilation is organized on the balcony. Without a change of air, the potato will quickly wither and deteriorate. Among other things, ventilation should maintain a relatively stable humidity on the balcony, in the region of about 40%.

If you made the container for storing potatoes on the balcony yourself, then it should be warmed. Foam plastic is usually used as a thermal insulation material. Often used foiled insulation thick. It creates a thermos effect. Inside the made box the lattice surely keeps within. This will create an air gap.

And what if your balcony or loggia is not heated in winter? In this case, you will have to carry out a number of works aimed at creating heating. At the very least, it is necessary to securely insulate the balcony itself. If it is unglazed, it is imperative to put the window frames. For heating, some household craftsmen use large incandescent bulbs. It is not necessary to leave them on all day, just turn on for a few hours. If you take all these actions, then you will be able to provide the potatoes with proper storage conditions.

Tip! As a heating balcony or loggia, you can use a floor heating system. It should be designed to maintain a temperature of up to 6 ° C on the balcony.

How to make a vault

Storage, which will ensure reliable storage of potatoes on the balcony can be arranged independently. Consider several options. If you plan to store potatoes in the winter on the balcony over the next few years, you can use wooden bars and wall paneling to make the box. The inside of the box is trimmed with foil or other reflective material. As a heat insulator, buy foam. The use of these materials will ensure reliable storage of potatoes in the harsh winter frost.

It is important to prevent direct contact of the potato with concrete, brick and other similar surfaces. Because of this, it can begin to turn black and rot. Therefore, in the manufactured box must settle down lower shelf. It turns out that you should form a space between the floor and the bottom shelf.

Box for storing potatoes on the balcony in the winter can be done with a vertical load. This is very practical especially for those who have a small balcony. For example, a box may be narrow but tall. Given this, the top will settle down cover. The lid should also be heat insulated. Additionally, it can be covered with a durable blanket.

If the balcony or loggia is spacious, then in winter the storage box for potatoes on the balcony can be combined with a seating area. For example, make a rectangular box, fasten the backrest to it, and stuff soft foam rubber from the top side onto the lid. Thus, you will immediately appear on the balcony two useful things - a box for storing potatoes in the winter and a place to rest.

Another option is to make the camera heated. Especially this decision will please those who have not insulated balcony, and you live in the region of Russia where there are strong and prolonged frosts. In this case, the manufacture of the same box is meant, only with heating. To do this, you need to make 2 boxes of different sizes, one is larger, the other is smaller. It is necessary to make an external and internal camera. Between them will be laid heat insulator, for example, construction foam, foam, and the like. Sawdust is poured into the pan, which does not allow the potato to have direct contact with the base, cardboard, foam or rags are put. A wire for the connection of a conventional light bulb must be put inside the box. For one day, the light turns on to warm up the potatoes for 5 hours.

Tip! Arrangement of the light bulb should be done so that you can turn it off in the apartment, without going to the balcony.

With this method of electricity you will not spend much, but your potatoes will be dry and in a warm place in winter. Some home craftsmen have adapted a hairdryer instead of ordinary light bulbs. A jet of warm air will quickly force the desired temperature.

For winter storage, you can also use plastic or wooden boxes. Put the boxes of potatoes on top of one another. Their advantage is that they let the air through. To protect against frost, cover the top of the vegetable boxes with a warm quilt.

Tip! You can put the box in the balcony on cardboard, wood or other material. Direct contact with concrete and other surfaces is not allowed.

Using wooden or plastic boxes is the easiest solution. Plus, it is the most expensive. Also, you do not need to spend time on their production, because the boxes can be bought ready-made. However, this method is least effective if there is severe frost in your area. Just a quilt can not protect the potatoes from frost. For this reason, before choosing a storage method, consider the following points:

  • Take into account not only your financial capabilities, but also climatic conditions.
  • Also be sure to consider the size of the balcony or loggia. This will allow you to determine in advance how much potato can be stored in the winter season.
  • Available materials and thermal insulation material.
  • Is it possible to arrange heating in your balcony?
  • How well insulated balcony.


So, if you are a lover of potatoes and this vegetable is one of the main in winter, then there is a way out. Even if you live in an apartment, you can use the space on the balcony for winter storage. We hope that this material has helped you to understand this issue, as well as you received food for thought about exactly how to arrange a place for storing potatoes in the winter on the balcony. Additionally, we suggest you to watch the video.